A strong brand is important, we do implement the logo as a visual consolidating aspect to all banners and flyers to make the Brand more memorable.

February 12, 2020

Strong brand comunication

Beany is a Czech Brand, focusing its production on qualitative sports equipment for children and juniors. They strive to give the best experience to the kids and create a feeling of equality and secureness for their parents.
The IDEA behind this Brand is:
"We are the parents, we want the best for our kids" 

Creative direction
Visual identity
Graphic design
Visual communication  

The assignment given from Beany was to create from scratch a summer campaign, promoting their new collection of bicycles, designed specifically for kids. The marketing department trusted us with this task, knowing we are "Outside of the box" thinkers.


As a connecting component for the whole campaign, we chose to work with different segments of the graphic part of Beany Logo, which present us with many creative possibilities to describe the product.
We created a striking element, complemented by a uniform background that did not quite work with large format photography. However, led by our consistency and strive for the best results, we simplified the concept until we found the ideal layout for our Key Visual.

Competitive analysis
User analytics
Communication with marketing agency
Setting up the target group


Our main strategy was to use as a base the original connecting element from Beany Logo, but to keep the attention of the customer on the content. The segments from the Logo are mixed as pieces from a puzzle, which creates the actual artistic game, which we aimed for.
This element makes the logo easier to remember and subconsciously building a stronger brand for us.
At the same time, it does not visually beat with a clean surface,
so it provides us with enough space for text.
In a modified version in combination with large format photography these again sub-elements give space to the product information.

Brand strategy
Brand communication                     

Key Visual